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Yes, Islam Is a Threat

On January 5th, Father Nicholas VanDenBroeke, a priest in Lonsdale, Minnesota, preached about the very real threat of Islam on Christianity and the American way of life during his homily on Immigration Sunday. Archbishop Bernard Hebda, the archbishop of the St. Paul-Minneapolis Archdiocese didn’t wait to publish a statement condemning Fr. VanDenBroeke’s homily. Most striking …

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The Right Turn: Abortion & Domestic Violence

Abortion and domestic violence aren’t the most comfortable of topics. However, in the increasingly vitriolic war between the pro-life movement and pro-choice advocates, unfortunate circumstances seem to be used as justification for “a woman’s right to choose”. There isn’t a day that goes by in the course of the modern narrative that I don’t think, …

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New Site, New Goals, New Writers!

Welcome to the shiny new website friends! I have been hard at work (OK, honestly, my site admin has been hard at work) migrating my website for me so that I have more options available to me in writing and creating content. I really hope you like where we have landed so far! In the …

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You Should Do Everything You Can To Homeschool Your Children

Yes, you. And you. And you. All of you reading this should do everything in your power to pull your children and homeschool them. It’s a big ask, isn’t it? “But I have to work.” So what. “But I am a single parent.” So what. “But I didn’t go to college.” So what. “But I …