Tasha-Rose is a Catholic blogger, a vlogger at Radical Mothering on Youtube, a wife, and homeschooling mother of seven children who lives in the heart of St. Paul, Minnesota’s Midway neighbourhood. She spent twenty years as a dyed blue in the wool Democrat and Radical Feminist, having worked on every presidential campaign since she turned 18, as well as many different state and local seats, and attending various conventions as a delegate and always heading to caucus.

In 2012 she started questioning a major social issue of the day: transgender ideology. Her questions were raised not in the vein of feminism, but of religious liberty. Tasha-Rose spent the next 4.5 years gradually gaining strength in her voice against the movement, speaking at school board meetings and the Minnesota Department of Education in favour of privacy, safety, and freedom of speech.


In March 2017, her involvement with the local DFL Democratic Party came to a head. Shortly after announcing a bid for school board, trans activists launched an online attack, resulting in threats of death and violence toward Tasha-Rose and her family. After spending years establishing her reputation as a reliable activist, including being a convention delegate and sitting on her local Senate District Committee, Tasha-Rose expected the DFL to support and defend her. She was wrong. Political allies disappeared and friendships ended.

Being left behind by her party, Tasha-Rose started researching even more… She honed her arguments, chose her focus, loaded herself with facts, and spoke even louder in public. She began to gain some notoriety and gained another reputation for being well-armed with facts, not mincing words, and not backing down from the truth or from sharing it even at the cost of social relationships. All the while, other positions that she held for her whole life were being challenged via introspection and research. She quickly discovered that while her values had not changed, the framework around them had.

Near the end of 2017, Tasha-Rose began a Youtube channel Radical Mothering and is now working on curating the channel and a blog site with the same name to explore where she feels feminism gets it wrong, specifically focusing on the relationships between mothers and their children in our modern era, with all of the modern complications we face, such as transgenderism, LGBTQ+ indoctrination, pornography, prostitution, public versus private and home education, natural family living and planning, Women’s health, The Domestic Monastery and more.

Tasha Rose works with Hands Across The Aisle Coalition battling the transgender movement nationwide and has been featured on the website Banned By Trans, in an open letter in The Progressive, Women’s Liberation Radio Network, and on the podcast Revenge of the Cis as a recurring guest.

In 2018, this long time Democrat went to caucus- as a Republican. In her first Republican caucus she got a resolution passed for the safety, privacy and freedom of speech for students and teachers in light of the transgender ideology that is taking over Minnesota public schools, and she became a Senate District delegate and her precinct chair. Tasha-Rose has seen the Republican party become what drew her to the Democratic party as a teenager. She sees a party that embraces true diversity- diversity of thought. She sees a party that truly embraces our differences and supports our individual abilities to succeed. Tasha-Rose has a heart for service to liberty and justice and lives her life by the words of Paul Wellstone that sparked her original interest in politics, “Never separate the life you live from the words you speak.” These words are as solid to her now as they were twenty years ago, even in her “Red Pilling.”

In April 2019, quite possibly the most extraordinary change happened, Tasha-Rose’s husband Travis was received into the Catholic Church and five of their children were baptised and one received the Eucharist. Together, Tasha-Rose and Travis have begun a new life within their life and are dedicated to living out their Catholic faith in a very real and loud way, and raising up their children in the One True, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith, within their church home of St. Agnes and their small domestic church.

In her spare time (hahahaha), Tasha-Rose loves to knit, ogle wooden and natural fibre toys and school supplies in her Amazon wish list, ferment things, bake bread, organize and clean her homeschool classroom, teach her children, transform her yard to an edible and native landscape, and spend precious time with her husband Travis Apollo.

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