We all know what a man is and what a woman is and what sets us apart from one another in that regard. So when Kate Scottow was arrested in front of her children at her home in the UK for calling a man exactly what he is, she couldn’t have been more stunned. Wouldn’t you be? I know I certainly would be.

How was this allowed to happen, you might ask? It happened, because the man in question was UK Transgender Activist Stephanie Hayden. You guessed it, a man who claims he is actually a woman, used the strong arm of the laws in the UK to have a mother arrested and charged with “Trolling” after refusing to call an obvious man, a “woman” on Twitter. Scottow was arrested by three officers in front of her then 10-year-old daughter and 20-month-old son. She is due to face the Magistrate this month.

This comes on the heels of a judge in the UK dismissing a case against a transsexual man, Miranda Yardley, who was accused of harassing transgender activists online. District Judge John Woollard dismissed the case, stating, “There is no case and never was a case.”

Thank goodness that a sense of freedom of speech and conscience prevailed in Yardley’s case, but will it prevail for Ms. Scottow? Watch this space for updates on this extraordinary case in suppression of speech by the tolerant leftist transgender activists.

Meanwhile, stateside, legislation is popping up everywhere to criminalize speech when one refers to transgender people by their biological sex, rather than their fantastical assertion that they are the opposite sex. In NINETEEN STATES, TWO TERRITORIES, and the District of Columbia there are so-called “hate-speech” laws on the books already. Some of these laws are very specific like that in New York City which state if you “misgender” a transgender identified person, you could face fines ranging from $125,000-$250,000! Other laws are ambiguous enough that should they come in front of a leftist judge, the “perpetrator” could even receive jail time and professional licenses revoked!

I bet you thought you had First Amendment rights here in the Good ‘Ol U.S. of A.? That’s cute. If the left has it their way, police will show up at your door, break up your family, strip you of your livelihood, jail you, and fine you into destitution, all because you refused to acknowledge The Emperor’s Fine Silks.