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Tuttle Twins!

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We are BIG FANS of literature based learning in our homeschool setting… It provides more options for reading, and I have found that my children learn far more when they receive it in a story.

We are also big fans of liberty, capitalism, and the free market, which is why we love the Tuttle Twins!


Connor Boyack has put together an amazing series of books that teach children the principles of liberty, how government is supposed to operate, free market, capitalism, and more.

These books are accessible to all levels of education. Our ten year old reads these solo and out loud to our younger children. The content is clear, relateable, and NOT overly simplified, either. I have found that these books really treat children like people who understand information and the workbooks that accompany them are really outstanding and offer supplemental activities for your children at all ages!

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RIGHT NOW if you head over to the Tuttle Twins website, you can use the coupon code FORTY and get 40% off of your curriculum purchase!

I cannot say enough about how amazing this set is for a full basic civics and government curriculum for young learners, whether you are a homeschool family or you have your children in private, charter, or public school. You WILL NOT find a curriculum as comprehensive as this one for your children! There really is nothing like it on the market.

Head over to the Tuttle Twins website now and take advantage of this amazing discount!

To get a peek inside of these books, hop over to my channel and check out this video!

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