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Liturgical Living || Rolling Candlemas Candles

You may have already begun, or are long past, putting away most of your Christmas decorations. Did you know, though, that the Christmas season extends even beyond Epiphany on January 6? Candlemas will mark the end of the Christmas season.

In Jewish custom, a woman was not able to go worship in the Temple for 40 days after giving birth to a son. Candlemas is that 40 days after the birth of Christ. Mary brought Him to the Temple for His presentation, as well as her own ritual purification.

Our family rolls candles, dips candles, and buys candles especially for the Candlemas blessing. We did this even before coming back Home to the Church.

Rolling or dipping candles with your children is a really great way to infuse liturgical living into your every day. We will use these candles every single day for our school days, for dinner as a family, for family prayer time, and to give away to other people. Using coloured wax enables us to keep liturgical colours infused in our regular days. Just make sure the wax you are using is at least 51% beeswax. We pick up kits that are 100% beeswax. They smell beautiful, burn cleanly, and have such a beautiful, warm glow when burning.

Pick up some rolling kits here and here and get rolling quick before February 2 comes along. You’ll have everything you need for the blessing at Mass. If you would like to get some great premade beeswax candles as well, check out these and these!

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