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Are You Prepared?

As Catholic wives and mothers we are always preparing.

Preparing meals. Preparing clothing for the day ahead. Preparing for Mass shenanigans of small, squirrely children. Preparing the bath. Preparing lessons for our homeschool. Preparing for birth. Preparing our children for life as adults. Preparing. As I write this, I struggle to think of a moment in the day I am not preparing….something.

Presently, many are preparing their homes for the winter, for the long haul of being out of work, for the probability of Mass being taken away from us again by Bishops and priests who are more worried about the state of the world than the state of our souls. They are seemingly more keen on obeying governors and their presidential hopefuls than giving to God what is God’s.

We are being berated from the pulpit if we don’t cave to covering the image and likeness of God Almighty with a muzzle. We are being denied the Mass and the Source and Summit of faithful Christian life. We are being denied fellowship with other faithful Catholics with group gatherings in the social hall being stripped away, Sunday donuts relegated to the drive through at Dunkin (not knocking Dunkin…we love Dunkin in this home. Boston Creme yessssssss.) and then going home to nap the rest of Sunday with our family instead of building the Body with fellowship with our spiritual family.

We are preparing our pantries in case of food shortages. We are preparing winter clothing. We are preparing to leave our homes should violence from the world make that necessary for the protection of our children. We are preparing with firearms training, weapons and ammunition purchases, learning hand to hand combat, and how to build a tarp shelter and rocket stove.

The most important thing to prepare for, however, is eternity. Have you occupied so much time on social media obsessing about the (s)election that you have forgotten to prepare for what comes when the world defeats the body?

“And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew 10.28

Whatever happens, do you think you have control over any of it ultimately? We can plan like we are in charge…and that is prudent. We should also be doing what we know we need to in order to be instruments of God’s Plan.

Prepare to be tested. Prepare to suffer. Prepare to go hungry. Prepare to watch your family torn apart. Prepare to be isolated from everything. Prepare your soul. Go to Confession. Stay in the Sacraments for as long as possible. Stay confessed and in a state of Grace. Practice unitive prayer with God, praying unceasingly (1Thess5.16).

We can do everything in our power to prepare ourselves and our family for what can kill the body, but if we are neglecting to prepare to fight against what can kill the soul, then it is all for naught.

When did you go to Confession last? Personally I know I need to go, even if I am not in a state of mortal sin. How often are you actually in Scripture. Not just reading the daily Mass readings, but actually cracking your Bible and reading a chapter, a book, meditating on a random verse? How often are you occupying your time with meaningless shows on Prime when you could be saying a Rosary? Are you teaching your children Scripture while you plant seeds for your garden? Or are you just doing it yourself so it gets done? Are you hiding away from the world your opinions for fear of what damage the world can do to your reputation? Or are you loudly and unabashedly proclaiming the Gospel and living it in your daily life, breath to breath?

None of us is perfect. All have sinned and fall short (Rom3.23). Echoing St.Paul The Apostle, I am chief among sinners (1Tim1.15) and I do not offer this writing to you to be preachy or holier than thou. I offer it to you to give you a jumping point for where you and I can both do better to guard the body but more importantly the soul.

The writers of this website will be bringing you a series of preparatory posts and videos in the coming weeks. Some will be practical life skills preparation. We will teach you herbal medicine making, how to soak beans, how to bake bread over a fire in a Dutch oven, how to salt meat for preservation. Others will be focused on the spiritual: what do you need in your spiritual arsenal? What are blessed candles for? What are the Four Last Things? How can we hope for Heaven? If you have a specific topic you’d like to address, hit our contact form and let us know.

If you are reading this, know that my family’s Rosary tonight will be offered for you. Now…. get to prepping.

Ave Maria.

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