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So… How Are You, Really?

Well hello there, Gentle Reader… It’s been some time since we sat down together. How are you? Are you well? Is your family well? How has life been for you these last six months that the world has been gripped by the Virus of government overreach?

We are fortunate to not have suffered a job loss in our family, thanks be to God. So many people we know have though. Have you? How can we pray for you?

Are you prepared for any of this? Do you have adequate savings? Insurance? Pantry stores? What are you doing NOW to prepare for what comes next?

Most importantly, what’s your salvation situation? Are you fearing man and bodily harm more than you are fearing the loss of God? Are you keeping in the Sacraments and staying in fervent prayer?

Yeah…. a lot of us are having a hard time of even those things. How can we spend time in prayer if we don’t have a job? Or food? Or can’t pay the rent or mortgage? How will we pay a fine if we don’t wear a mask and we “get caught”? How long is this pandemic…I guess they are still calling it that… supposed to keep going? The CDC says only 6% of those who have died from this died of it alone… meanwhile, suicides are up, domestic abuse is up, child abuse is up, parents have no idea how to manage their children’s education anymore. School systems, the economy, PEOPLE, are dying under this weight. How can we survive this?


That’s it.

Sounds so simple, does it not? Almighty Creator, Heavenly Father, The Alpha and Omega, Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour.

Such a simple solution and so hard to commit to. Even for the best of us. How can we when the weight of the world is resting on our shoulders and boxing us in while we are quarantined, told to muzzle, told to stay away from those we love, told to not look at others when we pass them on the street, told to other those who are not obeying the Virus and adhering to its sacraments of hand sanitizer every twelve minutes, bumping elbows instead of giving hugs, wearing masks that conceal the creature that God called “good”, staying six feet apart at all times, frequenting big boxes because the mom and pop is now shuttered or burned to the ground, and obeying, obeying, obeying.

How long do you plan to obey? Are you waiting until they *really* close the Churches? Or is taking your children because you have a fever going to do it? When they take your right to gather in groups larger than six(6.6) people, like in the UK? When they give you blunt force trauma to your head that results in coma like in Australia because you were outside past 8pm…a grown adult outdoors after 8pm? When was the last time you really had control of your life?

So, how are you, really?

Me? Spiritually, I am doing well. I could always be doing better. More prayer, more fasting, more reading, more prayer. In all other ways I am doing well… except for my patience. My patience with this totalitarian effort is gone. I am angry for me, for my children, for you, for those who are too blind to see, for those complying so that they can “just go to the grocery store/see grandma/go to Mass”, for those who tell me I am scum for asking the questions that need to be asked.

A friend reminded me today that freedom isn’t a term that can be defined outside of Christian morality. That’s why we are steadily losing ours.

Which brings me back to God.

Get to the Sacraments. Get to confession. Stay confessed. Receive Our Lord, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity as often as you can, on the tongue, on your knees. Attend to the spiritual as much as you can and when you think you have no more time, commit more. Help others. Feed people. Teach children. Pull your children from public school. GO.TO.MASS. Don’t back down. Don’t wear a mask. BE OFFENSIVE. “NO” is a complete sentence.

I’ll ask you one last time….

So… How are you, really?

Stay salty, Be Shiny. Go with God.

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

1 John 4.18

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  1. Jacinta Boudreau says:

    This is so very needed. 💪🏻 Great article!

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