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New Site, New Goals, New Writers!

Welcome to the shiny new website friends! I have been hard at work (OK, honestly, my site admin has been hard at work) migrating my website for me so that I have more options available to me in writing and creating content. I really hope you like where we have landed so far!

Reminiscing last summer’s Mary Garden… It’s presently -30 here ahead of a massive snow storm!

In the next couple of months, you will see so much more content on this blog as well as on the YouTube Channel. We will be featuring new writers, hosting interviews and panel discussions on the channel, and giving you an inside look at what it means to live the Domestic Monastery out loud from an orthodox Catholic perspective.

The women who will be coming on board to write for this blog come from all over, all ages, and not everyone is yet a wife and mother! Together we will get to the root of what it means to be a woman, a wife, a mother, and a Daughter of the King in the world today.

I hope you are well pleased with what we are putting together! If you would like to contribute to our aims on this blog, please consider visiting our Patreon. Over on Patreon, we will be uploading exclusive content BEFORE it hits the Youtube Channel! There are all sorts of levels to contribute at, and you are always free to craft your own giving amount! I am working hard to build a site that will pay our writers for their work, and your support helps so much! We thank you in advance.

If you aren’t able to support financially, perhaps you can share! Share the site, share the Youtube channel, share our socials too! Get the word out about what Traditional Catholic Womanhood looks like, instead of what the vitriolic fantasy suggests we are.

Lastly, some of you know that I am working on writing a book. This book is going to be so much for the Catholic homemaker. I am aiming at making a legacy journal that can be added to as the years pass. This journal will also be a manual for domestic life, the Domestic Church, and so much more. Some of the tools that will be in the book will be made available for free on this website, others will be made available to ONLY our Patrons.

I am really excited about the direction the Lord is taking this little idea of mine and I am so happy you are all here.

In Christ, through Our Lady,


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