Do you remember how not that long ago there was a running joke about “if men got periods, they’d” call it MENstruation, MANstruation, it would be fist bumping, and treated like it’s just a normal thing, and no one would act squeemish about it?

That running joke is over.

Thinx has come out with a new ad that has been picked up on several networks…


We open the scene with a boy somewhere between the age of 12 -14, sitting on the edge of a bathtub, worry washed across his face. He walks downstairs to see his dad who is dutifully washing the dishes. He says “Hey,


Dad.” Dad turns around and says “Yeah, Buddy?” to which the boy replies “I think I just got my period.”

In no world does this happen. Well, except in some far off distance….. wait, scratch that. It happens now. Or at least that is what we are supposed to believe.

Later in the ad we see dad snuggling his- uh… son?- telling him it’s “just part of growing up.”

For girls. For girls this is a part of growing up.

See the video here.

What’s wrong with this ad you ask? It’s not meant to normalize menses. Menses are normalized. We all know who has them. In the West it is not scandalous for girls to bleed. We burned that bridge a long time ago in the West. Girls ARE dying elsewhere in the world though, namely third world countries, where taboos still exist around menses.

This ad isn’t even really about that though, either. What it’s about is normalizing the idea that BOYS and MEN have periods in order to groom the culture further in the transgender narrative.

There is nothing benign about this at all. We are constantly being told by the left, the self appointed “party of science” mind you, that biology is not real. We are told it is a colonialist construct that was crafted to push white euro-centric heteronormativity… or some other post-modern gobbeldygook like that. It’s not real and bepenised people can in fact be women and that men can in fact get periods and that our genitals are no factor in whether or not we are male or female.

Don’t buy it. This is NOT about normalizing anything except for post-truth, transgenderist dogma.

Menstruation is normal. Girls and women menstruate. Not all girls and women do, but ONLY girls and women menstruate.

This shouldn’t be such an outrageous statement to make in 2019.