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You Should Do Everything You Can To Homeschool Your Children

Yes, you. And you. And you. All of you reading this should do everything in your power to pull your children and homeschool them.

It’s a big ask, isn’t it?

“But I have to work.” So what.

“But I am a single parent.” So what.

“But I didn’t go to college.” So what.

“But I feel unprepared because I only graduated high school.” That should tell you something about public education, my friend.

“But what about socialization.” Unless you are weirdo shut ins, your children will be SO socialized. Trust me on this one. Do you take them to the grocery store with you? The bank? Clothes shopping? Church? Museums? All social activities.

“But what about extra-curriculars?” club sports, scouting (our boys are in Troops of St. George,) church choir, private music lessons, ballet, nature clubs, 4-H, all exist outside of the public school realm.

“I have no idea how to teach them.” You’ll learn. The best part? You will learn even more about the personalities of your children than when you send them away to be indoctrinated by the government all day long.

“How do I choose curriculum though?” You just jump in. You can unschool, you can piece-meal together different curricula for different subjects, you can use the library (but with drag queen story hour and LGBTQ EVERYTHING in the libraries now, maybe utilizing the library online and just picking up your books and resources is a better option.) You can even purchase entire sets of curriculum that will actually walk you through how to teach your child.


You should pull them now because it’s only going to get worse and I don’t want to hear you complaining about it. Kidding, but only kind of. It *IS* getting worse in the public setting. Schools are dishing out birth control and condoms like they are candy at a parade. We have all heard the story by now out of Baltimore of the 16-year-old high school student who received a Nexplanon device in her arm-incorrectly and unbeknownst to her mother-and got super sick from it. Planned Parenthood and likeminded “healthcare” outlets have been setting up shop in highschools for years now, to give children access, without parental consent or knowledge and without knowing the full medical history of children, to body damaging hormonal birth control and now we are seeing cross sex hormones being given as well for gender confused children. If you are a family who does not vaccinate, guess what else the school clinics can administer to your children without your consent? They can’t give your children Tylenol without calling you first, but they can change their hormonal makeup and deliver vaccines into their system that you don’t agree to. Your child can have severe reactions to these things and you will be none the wiser unless your child tells you they visited the clinic.

So medical “care” is a reason… even in elementary school. Across the country, school districts and state departments of education are pushing through gender identity initiatives without voter input. These initiatives will protect the “privacy” of the child from their own parents if the child wants to be transgender. In some cases, private rooms will be provided for the student so that they can change clothes to pose as the opposite sex. Teachers will refer to students by “preferred names and pronouns” and can even decline to give student information to a parent asking for records! Are you the parent? Or are you giving that responsibility to your child’s school?

I am sure you have heard the term “comprehensive sex education” bandied about? Sex ed in school. What’s the big deal right? They separate the boys and the girls and teach them the birds and the bees and sex specific puberty information right? WRONG! Current curriculum being pushed by Planned Parenthood includes teaching children about masturbation, homosexual sex, anal sex, and that pornography is a mighty fine thing to get involved in!

Have you seen posters about the U.K. Stonewall Riot in the halls of an elementary school? Because I have. Fifth graders aren’t having sex. There is no reason to be promoting anything about sexuality beyond male and female specific biology.

This is about more than just reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic, folks. This is about changing the face of society’s sexual ethics by getting children as early as kindergarten.

It goes further than sexuality. We are seeing children being encouraged to walk out of school midday to go to climate marches (where they leave in their wake piles and piles of trash while being good leftist indoctrinated plebs for their adult overlords…. If they aren’t being paraded in front of the U.N. that is.) Teachers in my local school district aren’t allowed to discipline students of color because of “generational trauma.” That sounds like bigotry of low expectations to me, friends. Leftist racism at it’s finest. Meanwhile your sweet child who wants to learn is not being fed brain food because teachers are spending more time trying to calm disruptive classroom settings than they are teaching.

Let’s talk money? How many referendums has your local school district asked for in recent years? It seems mine asks for one every single year to fund “restorative justice” initiatives. You’re supposed to be teaching students how to read and express themselves and speak the universal language of math, maybe a little French and some art and world history while you are at it. You aren’t supposed to be feeding them your politics and rhetoric about fixing the generational impacts of slavery. That’s not your job. If you are a homeowner you are forced to pay this regardless of whether or not your children attend or even if you HAVE children at home to go to school.

“Do you want a stupid society?” No, I don’t, and public school is seeing to it that we do. We have an epidemic of undereducated college graduates emerging now, who are screeching about wanting their student debt paid off. We have children graduating high school at an 8th grade reading level. In 2016 a report came out from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, which showed that only 37% of graduating high school seniors were prepared for college level reading and mathematics. THIRTY SEVEN PERCENT. Meanwhile, as of 2016 (the most recent year this statistic is available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics,) 69.7% of graduating seniors are heading to college! This is an abysmal set of statistics.

Let’s look at homeschool statistics. Colleges are actually seeking out homeschoolers to apply because they consistently outpace public school students on ACT and SAT scores, score 15-30% higher than public school children on standardized testing, have above average social and emotional intelligence, and are more willing to take on challenging tasks in a rigorous academic environment. Not only are homeschoolers outpacing public school students academically, they are doing it regardless of their parent’s income, education, sex of the student, or how much money their parents spend on homeschool teaching materials.

Do you want to see your children cave to the bullying challenge trends like the eraser challenge? Tide pods? Or are you fond of the idea of your child struggling through class because the teacher can’t teach over disruption? Or would you like to be a parent? Would you like to be directing your child’s learning? Would you like to have more family time (We spend only four hours daily schooling)? Do you want control over how your children learn about heavy topics like human sexuality? Are you interested in having faith be an educational component?

If you are, then you need to pull your children and bring them home. Figure out how to make it work. There are more resources out there than you can even comprehend to make it possible for literally every family who wants to make it happen. When you want something, you make it happen. When you don’t, you make excuses.

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