A phrase I hear often in some of my online campaigns against the societal overreach of the LGBTQetc. movement is “Why can’t you just let people live their lives?” or “They aren’t trying to make you have sex with them.” or “They aren’t coming for your children.” or “They just want the same rights as you do.”

These, my friends, are all lies.

They ARE trying to make you have sex with them.

They ARE coming for your children.

They ARE attempting to have more rights than you.

They want to live their lives AND dictate how you live yours as well.

All of the above are examples of how the left and the LGBTQetc has in a matter of only a couple of decades, completely taken over the public arena. It’s in the grocery store. In the UK recently a grocery chain was selling LGBTQ sandwiches, another was promoting the refrain “transwomen are women.” It’s in the courtrooms as women are being arrested and brought up on charges for calling men… well, ‘men’. We all know about the baker in Colorado who cannot seem to stay out of the courtroom with the target that has been on his back for YEARS now after refusing to bake a specialty cake for a gay couple’s “wedding”. It’s even in chain craft and household stores as we see shampoos, dish soaps, and craft tools being specifically marketed for and to the LGBTQ. It’s also sadly in your children’s schools with the promotion of so-called “comprehensive sex education” campaigns and curricula, hallway billboards, and drag queen story hours at the local library.

Let’s talk about rights. What rights do I have that a gay person does not? Exactly none. There are no rights that I have that a gay person does not also have. You’ll probably say that they only recently won the right to marry. No they didn’t. They always had that right. Considering that marriage is for the propagation of society, the foundation of it, even, and that gay “marriage” cannot produce children, it isn’t marriage. “But they can adopt children or use a surrogate!” Oh, you mean steal babies from vulnerable people* and participate in human trafficking and the renting of women’s wombs? Yeah, I went there.

What rights do they have that I don’t? Well in NYC, you can be fined for “misgendering” any man or a woman who identifies as the opposite sex. Men are being housed with women in jails, rape crisis centers, and homeless shelters, competing against women and girls in segregated sports. Tax dollars are paying for harmful and medically unnecessary “gender affirmation” surgeries. The bludgeon of “preferred pronouns” is getting people fired from their jobs, losing out of speaking opportunities, encouraging online harassment of those who will not comply, and in some cases, actual violence being perpetuated on those of us who are still steeped in reality. Don’t believe me? There are receipts across the whole of the internet of the violence and harassment that are being perpetuated by the tolerant left toward those of us who will not bend to their whims.

People who are oppressed do not have corporate sponsorships. People who are oppressed do not get to have parades that last an entire month every year in which they showcase their true colors. Parades where people are actually bringing their children to see men dressed in fetish gear as dogs, or half naked to fully naked bodies of adult gay men, or genital costumes, or children dragging adult men in fetish gear around by leashes. Again, don’t believe me? Google is your friend. I’m here to alert you, you get to do some work if this alarms you enough.

It should alarm you.

You should be raging and furious that children are being subjected to this depravity. You should be paying attention to the fact that the banner that flies above this movement has originally six colours, (the number of man,) whereas God’s promise after he flooded the world has seven, (the number of completion.) You should be concerned that CPS is stealing children from families who will not affirm the delusion of transgenderism. You should be outraged that young women are ending up with mutilated bodies, bilateral mastectomies as early as age 13 in Canada, skinned forearms and thighs in order to construct a faux-phallus, enlarged hearts and weakened bones from the overdosing of testosterone on their female bodies. You should be equally outraged that boys are being given female hormones after having their puberty halted. You should be marching in the streets that children are being brought to slaughter and made lifelong dependents on the pharmaceutical industry that the left purports to loathe. We have seen this before, but I dare not Godwin this article. You can Google that, too.

*Adoption is complicated and can be a beautiful event in the life of a family and helps prevent babies from being killed in abortion. Adoption should always be a last resort and keeping the family of origin together must always be a priority provided children are not in physical danger.