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What Type of Mother Should You Be?

Last night I found myself on my knees praying at my bedside again pouring my heart out to God. As usual, I’ve been feeling like a failure as a mother. I’ve never felt like I’ve been “good” at this motherhood thing. It’s hard, and we don’t live in an era where anyone really prepares you …

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Liturgical Living || Rolling Candlemas Candles

You may have already begun, or are long past, putting away most of your Christmas decorations. Did you know, though, that the Christmas season extends even beyond Epiphany on January 6? Candlemas will mark the end of the Christmas season. In Jewish custom, a woman was not able to go worship in the Temple for …

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5 Ways to be Self-Reliant in an Age of Government Overreach

Despite the rising death rates due to lockdowns and the shocking rate at which fellow Americans eagerly encourage the government to strip them of their God-given rights (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness come readily to mind as well as privacy), I have discovered there are some good things that have come out of …

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Are You Prepared?

As Catholic wives and mothers we are always preparing. Preparing meals. Preparing clothing for the day ahead. Preparing for Mass shenanigans of small, squirrely children. Preparing the bath. Preparing lessons for our homeschool. Preparing for birth. Preparing our children for life as adults. Preparing. As I write this, I struggle to think of a moment …

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My SAHM Identity Crisis: Embracing The “Hidden Years” of Motherhood After Letting Go of My Career

I recently found myself drinking a cup of coffee and contemplating what is often described as the “hidden years” of Christ. Those precious years in which our Lord was being raised by the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph so often capture my imagination. It’s amazing to think that we know very little about Christ’s …